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Pair of Hands, brains…attached or unattached?

January 21, 2010

So…if Hamel is right, what does this mean for church leaders?  Are we asking for a pair of hands and asking folks to leave their brains unattached?

“Amazingly, it took nearly 20 years for America’s carmakers to decipher Toyota’s advantage.  Unlike its Western rivals, Toyota believed that first-line employees could be more than cogs in a soulless manufacturing machine…In contrast, U.S. car companies tended to discount the contributions that could be made by first-line employees, and relied instead on staff experts for improvements in quality and efficiency.  Such was the disdain for the intelligence of frontline workers that Henry Ford once wondered querulously, ‘Why is it that whenever I ask for a pair of hands, a brain comes attached?’”

Gary Hamel

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